electrical engineering

electrical engineering

The demands in electrical engineering design are as multifaceted as in hardly any other area. Even the most extravagant requests pose no obstacle for us. We standardize your construction design and ensure the highest levels of support for your projects.


Our support is fostered by the professional planning software EPLAN Electric P8.


>Conceptual design


During the conceptual design phase, fundamental decisions for the entire project are taken. Consequently, it is a crucial phase for every project. Utilize our experience to ensure that your venture is on the right track right from the start.


>Electrical engineering design


Finding sophisticated technical solutions for a diversity of problem sets is the motivation of our team. To achieve this, we work with the technically most advanced CAE program EPLAN.


>Engineering data


Having compiled the connections scheme, a multitude of data is required for the subsequent usage. Your purchasing department needs order lists and your control cabinet manufacturer the general layout drawing for the control cabinet and its bill of material? Your manufacturing department asks for a cable or sensor list?

We compile tailor-made documents for your projects. Hence, nothing gets in the way of a smooth project sequence.




Our customers demand tailor-made product and machine configurations – however, the costs must not get out of hand. IN many cases, supplier requirements of OEMs have to be observed. The definition of clear structures as well as the assurance of repeatable processes enables us to quicker accomplish customized products with an improved quality. We assist you in the creation of standardized planning documents. Base projects, macros, standard forms… everything according to your specifications and demands.




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